I am Gina Graham of lifelensandlove photography. I am not a formally trained photographer, but a Mom who had a passion for photography back in high school when the art form involved rolling film in the darkroom and watching images emerge from the chemical bath. This passion resurged when my kids were little, and the act of putting camera to face, lens to eye, and pressing the shutter, has changed the way I see the world forever. As a result of exploring this passion, I have grown in ways I never expected. The camera has literally become a way for me focus the lens on something that the naked eye could easily miss. To see beauty where there seemingly is none. To see the moment that would slip by in a fraction of a second if not for the press of the shutter. It became a spiritual treasure hunt for me. An absolute reassurance that God is in the details and that heaven is all around us all the time. 

My awareness of people in my life and the impact they have on me has always been there. Like my Environmental Studies teacher in high school who taught me about the importance of caring for our planet. And the woman who I was supposed to be helping in my clinical practice who taught me more about faith and grace in the face of deep loss than I could ever teach her. I have always felt a connection to the people in my life and how they are influeuncing me every day, in all situations. My photography became a way to celebrate that. The camera was just the tool. But it was a powerful tool. It focused my eye not on new things, but on things that had been there the whole time. It was my burning bush.

This project has become a passion of mine. My hope is to create a space where we call can see how living our lives with passion, intention and hard work can create ripples for good in the world around us, no matter what we do. I am glad that you are here. 

No matter what we do, what we do matters.