No matter what we do, what we do matters.



Meet Ann.


"For 50 minutes a week, you can talk to me and you don’t have to take care of me. You don’t have to worry about me. You can say what you need to say in a safe place and go on. Because it might be something that is not going to get better any time soon. But connection makes it better. "

Meet Laura.



"I just have faith in humanity. There are bad things happening. But some people are just misguided or are hurt inside. That’s why I love the idea of teaching yoga to kids. If you can help them feel better, to practice non-violence, they won’t want to hurt other people. The more kids that learn yoga, the fewer school shooters there will be. I believe that. When kids grow up to hurt other kids, we are all to blame. We are a society and we should take care of all of our children." 


Meet John.



"I think that it can calm us all down incredibly if we just breathe and calm our mind. The other thing I try to do and tell the kids is to just smile. There is scientific evidence that even if we don’t feel it, if you smile, it makes you feel better, so I try and do that. I also love quotes. I do a quote of the week. One of my favorite ones from this year is “You never know what kind of battle someone is going through, so be kind”, and that is the biggest thing I am trying to teach these kids here. I am trying to get them to really think that because I don’t know what the person next to me is going through, I can’t judge. I have to be kind. If you are having the worst day in the world, be kind to someone, and most likely, your day will change in some way.” 




But I am more hopeful than anything, because I just believe that we are going to grow. That we are destined to seek light and that any challenge that comes can be like that refining fire” ~ Ann Murray, Clinical Therapist